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Snow Removal Truck YHCX-A

This multi-purpose snow removal truck is suitable for removing snow, melting snow, and melting ice on high-grade highways, urban roads, airports, plazas, and scenic spot roads.

Snow Removal Truck YHCX-A:

This snow removal truck is along with snow blade mounted on its front end and a salt spreader on the back of the vehicle. The intelligent control signal achieves wireless connection, so that the operation can be done in the cab.

Snow Removal Truck YHCX-A Features:

1. This snow removal truck integrates melting snow with spreading grit.
2. This vehicle is based on Dongfeng 4WD chassis, with strong power, high snow removal efficiency, and reliable operation.
3. The snow blade has a unique obstacle avoidance function, ensuring the safe and reliable operation.
4. The snow blade is driven by hydraulic system to move up and down and turn, characterized by flexible operation and easy detachability.
5. The spreader can intelligently and automatically regulate the spreading width, the amount of grit, and the driving speed, with the measurement stable, accurate, and reliable.
6. The spreader has adopted with antiseptic treatment, completely avoid acid corrosion
7. The spreading disk is made of stainless steel, and can be folded up, easy emptying the remaining snow melting agent.
8. Along with loading and unloading legs, can be completed the loading and unloading movement without auxiliary toplift.
9. The intelligent control signal achieves wireless connection, so the operation can be done in the cab.
10. The power unit adopts a generator set, which is highly efficient, energy efficient, environment friendly, and with permanent magnet.
11. Equipped with nonskid tire, lighting and warning lamps, which provides safety operating environment.

Snow Removal Truck YHCX-A Technical Parameters:

Model YHCX-A
Chassis Model DFL1140B1
Drive Form DongFeng 4WD
Engine model ISDe185 30(Cummins Engine)
Fuel type Diesel
Emissions based on Standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005,Eurp.Ⅲ
Dimensions (L*W*H) 7090*2370*2760 mm
Snow blade:
Width of the blade 3000 mm
Weight with blade 880 kg
Maximum deflection angle  ±30°c
Adjustment angel of tilt  ±5°
Avoidance mode Spring Avoidance
Avoidance height ≥ 200 mm
Volume 6m³
The Form of Transport material Belt Conveyor
Spreading width 4-20 m(adjustable)
Spreading capacity 20~150g/m²(adjustable)
Maximum spreading speed 40 km/h

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